Temperature-Controlled Fan

To create our circuit for the temperature controlled DC fan, we built off the existing schematics used in labs 3 and 4. Our hardware includes an LCD, AtMega 328p board, temperature controlled sensor, fan, battery pack, transistor, two diodes, and multiple resistors at varying resistances. Challenges encountered wile wiring the circuit included changing our original plan to run the whole circuit off of the 6V battery pack. We found that this set up was not achievable due to the fan needing to pull more voltage from the circuit than we intended. To combat this issue, we decided to run just the fan off of the 6V battery pack and run the remainder of the circuit off of the USB. After much trial and error working with our circuit and varying resistors, we were able to find the optimal set up for the transistor used in the circuit while also finding that we needed to replace our original fan with a smaller spare fan that was in the lab room.