LED Piano – The Big Picture

The Big Picture - Photo 1The objective of our final project was to create a musical instrument using an LED matrix controlled by buttons and implement touch sensors that control certain frequencies on a speaker. Basically an LED piano. We used a speaker/buzzer to play the frequencies and we implemented capacitive touch for the “playing” of the instrument. The wire you choose to touch determines the note played. We housed the circuit in a cardboard box modeled as a piano to make it more appealing to the eye and to create an actual playable instrument.

The Big Picture - Photo 2

On the inside of the piano box, the touch sensor wires are connected to rectangular pieces of aluminum foil that, on the top of the box, represent the “keys” of the piano. When a piece of foil is touched, the respective note is played. This resulted in a playable piano!

We ended up having trouble using multiple buttons for the LEDs so after that issue, we decided to use only one button that will play a pre-programmed song. The LEDs are now placed in the box in groups of four above each key. We combined the code for the LEDs and the capacitive touch and set our instrument to light up the LEDs above the key touched.

The Big Picture - Photo 3

Please see our attached videos!