Wireless Robot: The Big Picture

We decided that for our final project, we wanted to design and create a wireless robot that could be controlled externally from a GUI. In order to do this, we utilized a raspberry pi to allow us to remotely send serial commands to the A3BU. Through the use of a remote desktop, we were able to control the pi and run the GUI from an external laptop that was linked to the pi through a wifi hotspot. The physical robot is created in a tripod fashion with two standard wheels in the back and a free rolling, non-powered ball in the front. This allows the back wheels to be the power and steering and the front ball to be there for stability. Though this is a very basic design it would be easy to expand upon this. By connecting different sensors and parts, you could easily use our base to develop a robot that can do innumerable tasks. Because of the nature of the serial commands used as a controller, the robot, even in its current state, could be scripted to autonomously drive preset paths.