Team 1.1 – Space Invader Bootcamp: The Big Picture

The primary objective of this lab was to use a culmination of all that was learned throughout the semester in a cumulative project showcasing the skills and knowledge that we had developed in a project of our own choice and design. The made the primary goal to coherently and practically apply the principles and techniques we had developed over the course of the semester. After brainstorming and debating about the primary function of our project, the team decided to attempt to utilize an LCD screen and an accelerometer to display and move a small dot about the screen in relation to the origin and the movement of said accelerometer, possibly making a simple game out of it. However, due to the relative difficulty of the application and various time constraints, the LCD screen originally intended for the project was substituted with the screen already on the A3BU microcontroller and the accelerometer was substituted with a small joystick with which the dot is moved about the screen. A small button was also integrated into the design with which we were able to use to “shoot” at static targets in the context of a classic video game style. The various pieces of equipment used at some point throughout the course of the project are as follows: the Atmel A3BU microcontroller, a Parallax joystick, and a basic push-button. Despite the few and minor hiccups that we had during the course of the project, the final result is an effective and functioning rendition of our original idea to make a simple and fun game with the help of the A3BU microcontroller and a few select pieces of third-party hardware.