Big picture: Team 4.1’s U-box


For our final project our goal was to do something fun that would be entertaining to anyone who used our project. Thus we came up with the idea of the U-box. Our slightly more useful box does everything your typical useless box would do except it also has a cool LCD user interface thanks to the A3BU micro controller.

For those unfamiliar with what a useless box does we can explain. Basically you flip a switch, and then an arm comes out of the box and flips the switch back. This continues until either you give up or the box runs out of power. To this our group added a user interface that shows the attitude of the U-box. The first few times you flip the switch the box is disturbed. Keep flipping and the box will become angry. Finally the box will become so angry he gives up and you win. After this the “game” starts over again.

To accomplish the task of the U-box we needed to use PWM to control the servo motor and LED, input pins to determine if the switch was flipped, and additional software to tell the LCD display what to display to the user. Below is a link to download the video!

Team 4.1 U-Box video