LED Display Matrix Overview

Final Construction

The goal of this project was to learn how to build a LED Matrix for use in hobby electrical designs, and to understand the I2C protocol.  This process incorporated the schematic design process, understanding the mathematics and complications of cathode and anode interconnections, and optimizing the construction.  Much was learned about how to use the I2C protocol for use in Arduino IDE and in C language libraries, despite the inability to implement such in programming due to difficulties with the Arudino IDE bootloader. 

If we had been successful in programming the I2C protocol, LED matrix drivers could have been incorporated as I2C devices. This would have made programming much simpler for the matrix once the necessary libraries and handlers were created. Additionally, with a working I2C functionality, additional matrix drivers and LED arrays could be incorporated in the future to add modularity to the LED Display Matrix, or to expand upon the project for larger animations.

It was also identified that an interrupt for cycling through animations using the UART serial terminal interface would be a means to improve user interaction.  Interrupts were researched as well for push-button usage, and while complicated to implement could be just as successful for external interaction with the matrix animations.