Coin Sorter/Counter – Big Picture

The project was done with an intent to build a simple coin sorting and counting machine based on Arduino. Infrared break-beam sensors are used to sense the motion of the coin that send an interrupt signal to Arduino, and the detected coin’s value is displayed on LCD 16×2. The initial step was to construct the machine with cardboard. A slightly slanted slider was attached to the board that let the coins fall smoothly into its designated place. Three different holes were cut depending on the ascending diameter of the coins. For the purpose of efficiency, three coins of varying sizes were considered. The next step was to position the pair of Infrared (IR) break-beam sensors, under each hole to detect the breakage of an IR beam. Receiver was set across from emitter, and both were interfaced to Arduino board with resistors, and soldered wires. Arduino program reads the interrupt caused by the coin and prints the value of each coin as they are inserted in to the slider. After numerous attempts, the goal of sorting and counting the coins with Arduino powered machine was accomplished.