Fun Box #2

 In deciding to use the Arduino we had to do some research on the functionality. We knew how to use the AT Mega, but wanted to use Arduino because the sensor kit we bought had Arduinos and had better example. The sensor kit bought was:  

The overall architecture of the project started with the three different sides of the “box”. The sides were a temperature sensor, game side, and ultrasonic sensor. The temperature sensor had the sensor being read by the Arduino with the fan to cool down an area was controlled by the AT Mega. This was done through simple digital IO pins that would be High on Arduino to the ATMEGA and low from the Arduino to AT mega if the temperature is less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

               The other two components were controlled by an individual independent Arduino. The Arduino used a similar methodology controlling a QAPASS LCD display to ask questions. We used a random number functions in Arduino to create random math operations with a random number form 0 to ten with a math operations to 0 to ten random number. The program would call those two random numbers and create a random value leading to ask the user to click a button yes or no if it is correct. If it is correct, it will keep a continuous toll of what is correct and what is incorrect until the user resets the Arduino.

               The last function of the Arduino is controlling a ultrasonic sensor and lighting a LED if the sensor in less than 6 inches. Simple Arduino function reading allowed for a conversion from time to distance allowing for a quick analog reading for the value. This allows for a major foundation and great control of a simple sensor. Using a 100k ohm resistor, a blue LED was powered to indicate that the distance detected was less than 6 inches saying something is nearby.