Infrared controlled Wah-Wah Schematic


The initial part of the project involved building a wah-wah circuit on breadboard in order to test its functionality. Through online research, a schematic of the Colorsound inductorless wah was discovered. This wah-wah circuit replaces the traditional wah inductor with a combination of only resistors, capacitors and a 2n5088 NPN transistor. The schematic was constructed on breadboard and tested with a flashlight in a dark room. As the flashlight was swept across the LDR the frequency response produced was the desired vocal wah-wah sound. After successful testing the circuit was  constructed and soldered onto Vero board consisting of strips of copper that are populated with the electrical components. This is an effective method to quickly prototype designs without having to order a custom PCB. The circuit is powered by a 9-volt DC adapter through a 2.1 mm DC jack. The design uses two quarter inch jacks as input and output for the circuit. The LDR was attached to the board with jumper wires to allow for flexibility with positioning. The input is connected to the guitar, while the output is connected to the amplifier.