Midi Controller Schematics

Here we have our circuit schematic for our project. Initially designed by Evan McManus and drawn in AutoCAD 2019 by Brian Popham.

And here is a picture of the project:

To give a brief explanation of the project, we are using two SN76489AN PSGs (Programmable Sound Generators) to output 6 square waves channels, and two noise channels, which is driven by an independent Crystal Oscillator. We are using the Arduino based Teensy 3.5 board to receive native USB MIDI events. Our code is set to handle these events when they occur, such as Note On or Note Off, and will then interpret the messages, translate them into data the PSGs can read, and then output them to the PSGs. This is then handled by the PSGs, which then sends audio data to a 3.5 mm jack with bridged audio connections.

Still with us? If so, congrats!


You survived! Hope you enjoy our project!