8-Button Piano – The Big Picture

The principal goal of our project was to design and build an 8-button piano & music player – two different implementations of the same circuit. As a piano, our circuit utilizes the attached buzzer to generate tones C6 through C7; this was achieved through the use and development of an interrupt driven system. Once the button is pressed, the corresponding LED illuminates and its given tone plays through the buzzer. As a music player we utilized the same buttons, instead once the button is pressed and the LED is lit, the buzzer begins to play a pre-programmed song. These tunes utilize the same tone generation in the piano. We were able to accomplish both programs for our circuit by writing and debugging in the C programming language within Atmel Studio 7.0.



Furthermore, we continued to use the Xplained Mini ATMega328P microcontroller from the previous labs in our final project implementation. We faced several setbacks when implementing our planned design including, but not limited to, configuring the GPIO pins to accept an input from the buttons, eliminating the rotary switch, and generating a tone from the connected buzzer. Nevertheless, we were able to overcome these hurdles and implement our design as intended with only small modifications to the circuit and code.