Plant Watering System: Schematics

Drum roll please……….

We would like to present our brand new, super deluxe, autonomous plant watering system! You can see in the photo below how all of the components are wired together.

If that looks a little jumbled to you, you might have better luck looking at our schematic instead:

As an overview, the soil moisture sensor is placed into the potting soil of said plant. The program mandates in a loop that the sensor takes 30 consecutive samplesĀ  – these values are averaged, and then is sent to the water pumping sections of the code, where the 328P determines whether the user-set threshold is above or below the taken soil values. If the soil moisture is below this threshold, the controller will send a high signal from pin D6 (anode), a low signal from D7 (cathode) , and a high Signal from D5 (enable) to the motor driver. The motor driver receives these signals in conjunction with an external 9-12V power supply (to physically power the pump) and then the water pumps to the plant!