Pong Video Game Hardware

Each controller consisted of one XplainedMini board and a sliding potentiometer mounted in a wooden casing. The sliding potentiometer was a PS45L-R02BR10K model which varied resistance from 0-10kΩ, with a sliding range of 45mm. It was chosen because the range of resistance was broad enough to produce many values, allowing the virtual paddle to move in “real time”. Another reason this specific potentiometer was used was its visual appeal and compatibility with a breadboard. The ability to easily insert and remove the device streamlined the design process, where any shortcomings could be easily corrected. A 10kΩ resistor was connected, in series, to the potentiometer’s voltage pin. This extra resistor was used to vary the voltage; without it, the voltage would have been a constant +5V and the virtual paddles would not move.