Anagram Solver Big Picture – Team SilverCharm

Our group project deals with an anagram device. We thought that since it is something many of us have done and apps that we use all the time on our phone it would be a good project. For this we had two different levels to choose from that would determine the difficulty of the problem to solve. Once the level is chosen then a word is given and your objective is to unscramble to word and make it correct by typing it out on the keyboard. If the correct word is spelled then the LED that is blue will turn on. If the incorrect word is spelled then the red LED will turn on. Also, for every input put into the device, the red LED will flash dimly. The code will also clear the board for you and allow you to pick a new level once the game is finished.

Overall, we would call our second attempt a success. Our original plan was to do a “Simon Says” game but we ran into many issues and were running out of time due to finals approaching so we decided to scrap the idea and go for the anagram.

Even with this slight hurdle we would call this project a great success.