Xplained Mini Project: Schematics

This part of the “Xplained Mini First Look” project was to compare and contrast the Xplained Mini board with the Arduino Uno, a popular microcontroller board with similar schematics. All I had to go off of for comparing the boards was the schematics and information online about them.

While reading the Arduino Uno webpage, I found that the Arduino Uno is based on the Atmega328 which is also on the Xplained Mini. Below is a screenshot from the Arduino website.

This is one of the block diagrams for the Arduino. The diagram shows in general how things are wired which is why it was useful in finding the ADC.

This is one of the schematics for the Atmega328P showing where on the chip which pins are related to what. It shows which pins are on the chip for the ADC; on this board it is pins 6 and 7.