Traffic Light- Big Picture

For our final project, we have chosen to create a stoplight using the ATxmega256A3BU microcontroller. This project idea is based off of a similar project done by a team member in Arduino. The circuit includes two stoplights (with a red, yellow, and green LED each), as well as two sets of lights for a crosswalk. The user can initiate the crosswalk sequence by clicking a small button within the circuit. This will interrupt the stoplight cycle and, theoretically, give a pedestrian a walk sign. We found this to be an interesting, and challenging project; however, it is very practical.

Below is a link to a YouTube video showing a complete cycle of the stoplight circuit.



Traffic Light- Schematic Post

Traffic Light SchematicThis is the schematic we are using for this project. The circuit has two sets of lights. Each set is made up of three traffic lights (red, yellow, green) and two crosswalk lights (red, green). There are also two buttons for a “pedestrian” to prompt the crosswalk lights. This is a simple circuit which allows for full functonality.