Fall 15 Team 2: Coding the switch


An interesting aspect of the project is that it is possible to use a switch to toggle the magnet. In order to use the A3BU board, we have a MOSFET switch that is triggered by a button on the board. In addition to this, we have the LCD display of the board display a shortened version of the famous line from the comic books: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy shall have the power of Thor”.

Fall 15 Team 2 Schematics: Making the hammer



Our first attempt of making an electromagnet was with an iron spike and copper wire. Unfortunately, the magnet was not strong enough. Instead, we used the transformer from an old microwave, as seen above. In order to power the hammer, the A3BU is powered by a 9V battery, and the magnet is powered by 4 AA batteries that supply 1.5V each. These are hooked up in series, as shown in the diagram above, which outlines how each element of our design is powered.



The case of the hammer was made at the FirstBuild workshop, which is on the far corner of campus. Inside is the hammer will be the electromagnet, as well as the A3BU board, which will turn on / off the magnet via a button press. In concept, the magnet would prevent the hammer from being lifted if it were resting on a metal surface.

Fall 15 Team 2 Big picture: Are you worthy to wield Mjolnir?


The idea for our project was to recreate the famous one-handed hammer mjolnir. It is commonly associated with Norse god / Marvel character Thor.  In the Marvel universe, only someone deemed “worthy” is able to lift and wield the weapon.

In the image above, the top picture is how Nordic legend portrays mjolnir, whereas the comic book series based around Thor has a large rectangular shape for the head of the hammer.

In order to recreate the Marvel version of the hammer, where only the worthy could pick it up, our plan is to use an electromagnet that will only turn off when someone is deemed “worthy”.

The following demonstration shows the hammer in action!