Team 6 — Deal Me In!

The world of embedded systems can be a daunting one, but not when tackled one small step at a time! Throughout the semester, students have been bombarded with new and exciting concepts like Pulse Width Modulation and serial communication. In an effort to further grasp those concepts and flex their scientific minds, Team 6 currently works to assemble a basic machine implementing those very practices. The machine itself has a simple goal — distribute playing cards to players around a table for any number of games; but the production hosts its own underlying objectives. With this automated card dealer, the team aims to advance its experiences with external sensors, servos, 3D modeling tools, as well as the coding which coincides with each of their functionalities. Continue reading Team 6 — Deal Me In!

Team 6 — Testing Piezo Elements

piezzo element

The initial plan for the automated card dealer was to utilize three vibration sensors for point triangulation. The sensors would be placed in a triangular formation, each one equidistant from the other. The necessary angle the servo would need to rotate for the card-firing mechanism to face the vibration’s origin would then been calculated accordingly.


Where Theta = arc-sin(speed of sound within medium in meters per second * time difference between first sensor to register vibration and the second sensor to register vibration) / (distance in meters between sensors 1 and 2). The third sensor would then aid the system in determining whether the cards should fire north, south-west, or south-east. Continue reading Team 6 — Testing Piezo Elements

Team 6 — Final Composition + Demo!

A3BU menu screen

After some experimentation, the most promising plan was to utilize the A3BU’s LCD screen and to introduce a menu to the system. The menu used the GFXMonochrome library for text display as well as the A3BU’s three on-board buttons and q-touch sensor to accept user input. The two sensors on the left-hand side of the screen (button in the top-left and q-touch on the bottom-left) allowed the user to scroll through menu options and increase/decrease values such as “Number of players” and “Number of cards to initially deal.” Additionally the player could select from a number of pre-programmed games like Blackjack or Go Fish which would each pre-set the number of players and initial cards. Continue reading Team 6 — Final Composition + Demo!