Boogie Ball Overview

This project centers around Audio Visual Equalizers and modifying it to be in the shape of a sphere/disco ball.

The design of the disco ball is 6 arches of wood, surrounding a main center column thus creating the outline of a sphere. The base of the disco ball was then constructed in a way to be able to accomodate the Xplained mini. The wooden arches were then layered with WS2812B Neopixel LED strips. Each strip can be individually addressed thus allowing for a viewer to see seperate audio frequencies. The splitting of the signal into seperate frquencies was handled via the code, utilizing the AdafruitNeopixel library to handle the lights and AdaFruitCITiCoServo libray to handle the hysical movement.

Several adjustments/customizations could be made when using the project such as the brightness and color of the lights, the speed of the rotation and, of course, the actual song being played.